At St. Matthews, we understand that the youth are the future. Our Church is enriched by what our young people have to bring us, and St. Matthews is serious about cultivating the best possible worship and teaching, as well as our investment to foster personal and spiritual growth for the youth of St. Matthews. We encourage youth and young adults to build a personal relationship with God, and equip them to become active members of the congregation and effective members of society.

There are numerous activities and events designed especially for this purpose including the following:

  • The Youth Activity Committee works to structure fellowship activities to engage youth in safe, fun activities.
  • The Youth for Christ Choir encourages musical praise to God, and worships in song the second Sunday of each month.
  • The Junior Ushers range in age from 6 - 21.  In a warm-spirited, kind, and Christ-like way, they greet worshippers, seat them courteously, lift the offering, acknowledge visitors and other related duties.


  The State of Maryland has millions of dollars available that was not used last year, and your state and federal elected officials also offer scholarships.

STUDENT MUST ATTEND A MARYLAND COLLEGE to be eligible for state funding. Federal guidelines will be different


1. Maryland Higher Education Commission ( for grants and scholarships

2. Your U.S Senators and U.S. Representative also offer scholarships (

3. Your Md.State Senator and your three Delegates for your district.

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On Sunday, May 12th, 2013, the youth presented Pastor Washington with a wonderful tribute. Along with a beautiful song they delivered these kinds words:

" Pastor Washington, on behalf of all the youth of this great church, we would like to say THANK YOU.

THANK YOU for your great leadership that you have unselfishly shown to the youth here at the church.

THANK YOU for recognizing each youth; knowing our names; knowing who our parents and siblings are.  There are many churches in this area whose youth have probably never met the Pastor of their church. They probably have never had an opportunity to shake their Pastor's hand. But, here at St. Matthews Baptist Church,  we have opportunities to personally meet you, talk with you, and to shake your hand. We, the youth, know that you have been and will continue to be here for us.

Pastor Washington, over 60 years ago, you fell in LOVE with a great man. So, on behalf of the entire Youth Ministry, Youth for Christ Choir would like to sing and dedicate this song to you, 'Falling in Love with Jesus'."